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Our desire is to provide the best quality equipment to our customers, ensuring trouble-free operation, cost optimization and easy maintenance. We want our systems to contribute not only to the energy self-sufficiency of our customers, but also to the decarbonization of our economy.


Negovan 12.8kW

This PV installation is an excellent example of how we can make the most of roof exposure. In this case, the slopes are located to the southeast and southwest, thus absorbing a very large percentage of light.

Gorna Banya 10kW

Complex roofs are no obstacle for us. Thanks to our pre-planning with specialized software, we can accurately measure the energy potential of your roof.

Novi Iskar 17.2kW

We make sure our customers get enough energy all the time, no matter what time of day it is. We achieve these results with a configuration of two independently operating hybrid inverters and a battery.

Komatevo 8.8kW

A standard east-west exposure of the slopes predisposes to even power generation throughout the day.

Pancharevo 8.8kW

Yet another example of how, in addition to energy production, a PV plant can be a beautiful system with an eye-catching symmetry achieved with our Risen Full Black series solar panels.


Leipzig, Germany

10.4 kW 2023

Leipzig, Germany

8.8 kW 2022

Leipzig, Germany

4.4 kW 2022

Leipzig, Germany

8 kW 2023

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